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Comic Books

My comic books are available through SHP Comics

Woodstake (Darin S. Cape)

When a vampire descends on the Woodstock Festival in 1969, hippies, anti-war protesters and music lovers try to survive three days of peace, music and blood in this comedy of horrors.

Woodstake Comic Book

EroTech (Darin X. Cape)

Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers, and Sex Robots.  What could go wrong?
Join Samantha Jenkins as she rallies her team of misfit engineers and out of touch managers to release a new sex robot on time. The only problem is that the robot doesn't know when to quit.

EroTech Comic Book

The Killing Machine (Darin S. Cape)

What if we discovered the source of life on Earth and it led to war with an alien race? The Killing Machine combines the thought provoking writing of Ted Chiang and Arthur C. Clarke with the action and space battles of Star Trek.

The Killing Machine Comic Book
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